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Learning the cello is something that everyone can do, with hard work and consistency.  The skills that are required to become a good cellist and musician are skills that will build character and lead to success in any chosen field.  Skills and traits required to play the cello like tenacity, self awareness, posture, and listening are universal.  

In my professional opinion, repetition and a strong technical base combined with consistency are the cornerstones to learning anything.  Therefore, it is my expectation that my students both practice and listen to the music they are learning daily.  However, practice and lessons are not enough to foster a true love of the instrument, which is why I strongly recommend participating in monthly group class/cello ensemble rehearsals and regular recitals as these activities help build community and nurture the joy of making music with others.  

I am now accepting new students.  I am a registered Suzuki Teacher and I recently completed my Book 1 Teacher Training with Rick Mooney in Austin, Texas and am currently completing my Suzuki Pedegogy Certificate with Carol Tarr at the University of Denver.  If you want to start learning how to play the cello, or if you already play and want further instruction or help preparing for auditions/competitions please contact me. I have been teaching for almost 10 years and have had the privilege of studying with some of the country’s greatest teachers whose knowledge of the instrument and how to play and teach it, have been very valuable to me, both as a performer and a teacher.  


Comments from Students

Adam is a great cello teacher. He has helped me improve my posture while playing which has improved my playing. I am a much better cello player since I started working with him.
— Jack K
We are thrilled with Adam as a teacher for our son Daniel. First of all, Daniel’s progress in his cello ability has gone up leaps and bounds in such a short time. We are truly amazed at how quickly his skill level has improved! The other thing we have noticed is how much Daniel’s interest and passion for playing his cello has increased. He plays more often, and we don’t have to “remind” him to practice! Adam’s skill level as a professional cello player is awesome, and he imparts his knowledge and love of music to Daniel in such a warm and relaxed way.
We are privileged to have Adam teaching our son. We absolutely give him the highest recommendation....5 Stars!
— Laura T. and Marc C.
Adam’s knowledge of the cello is as broad as his enthusiasm for teaching is deep. His attention to all the minute details that contribute to a pleasing sound sound and proper form is amazing. I’ve improved greatly since I started taking lessons from him.
— Amy
I don’t play an instrument but I even I can hear a remarked improvement in my son’s playing. Adam is positive, upbeat and passionate. He is encouraging and detailed in helping my son with technique and teaching him how to put the artistry into the notes making it music and not just notes.
— Sheila K
Adam Riggs is a wonderful teacher. I am an adult amateur, and Adam takes the time to discuss my goals so that my lessons have a purpose. He spends time working with my technique issues as well as working on learning to play music rather than just notes on a page. I appreciate his sense of humor and his patience.
— Kimberly
I am 12 and an online student. I am currently working on Suzuki Volume 5. I was worried that online lesson would not work, but the first lesson went so well. Dr. Riggs and I were energized with the result.
Dr. Riggs is an absolutely unique cello teacher because he has such great love for cello and teaching. He uses the best teaching techniques to help students like me who need help with one skill in particular, whether it be hand positioning or fingering sequences. I am learning more and more new things in every single lesson. This helps me make my music more wonderful. It motivates and keeps me challenging. BONUS: His dog is really cute. She wanders in once in a while during lesson so I can see her.
— Serena

Luthiers in the Area
If you have something come up with your instrument, here are some links to different instrument luthiers in Boulder and Denver area, who can do repairs needed on your instrument:

Instrument Repairs

Alexander Tzankow (in Arvada) http://www.atviolins.com 

David Goodrich Violin Shop (in Boulder): http://goodrichviolinshop.com/index.html

Bernstein Violins (in Boulder) http://www.bernsteinviolins.com/

Bow Rehairs

Evan Orman at 720-982-4202                                                                      

Eric Paulu at 303-494-3864 

David R. Young at 303-530-9426



Twinkle Variations Accompianment

Twinkle Variations Accompianment

I have always loved Mozart's Twinkle Variations for piano, and so in an effort to add some variety to the standard accompaniment for these variations most famously found in the Suzuki Literature,  I arranged an accompaniment for violin, viola and cello based on Mozart's variations.  These are free for all to use!  Have Fun!!